Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception

relegere, v. to go over again in reading, speech, or thought; to read, relate or recite again

Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception is an independent, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of innovative research in reception history, broadly conceived, within and across religious traditions.


Dr Sean Durbin, Macquarie University

Dr James E. Harding, University of Otago

Dr Eric Repphun, Independent

Dr Will Sweetman, University of Otago

Dr Deane Galbraith, University of Otago (Book Review Editor)

Editorial Advisory Board:

Associate Professor Greg Bailey – La Trobe University

Dr Erica Baffelli – University of Manchester

Professor Daniel Boyarin – University of California, Berkeley

Professor Roland Boer – Renmin University of China

Associate Professor Shayne Clarke – McMaster University

Associate Professor Gregory W. Dawes – University of Otago

Associate Professor Ben Dorman – Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture

Professor David Gunn – Texas Christian University

Dr Elizabeth Guthrie – University of Otago

Professor Stewart Hoover – University of Colorado

Professor Julius Lipner – University of Cambridge

Dr John Lyons – University of Bristol

Professor Andrew Rippin – University of Victoria

Dr Jonathan Roberts – University of Liverpool

Professor John F.A. Sawyer - University of Perugia

Professor Robert Segal – University of Aberdeen

Professor Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen – University of Copenhagen

Dr Stefania Travagnin – University of Groningen

Professor Arthur Versluis – Michigan State University



Call for papers: “Pre-critical” Readers and Readings: The Bible in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century

Relegere invites papers which focus on eighteenth and nineteenth-century readers of the Bible, but we particularly wish to draw renewed attention to these so-called “pre-critical” readers and readings.  
Posted: 2014-06-06 More...

Books for review

List of books which are currently available for review  
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