The Politics of the Beast: Rewiring Revelation 17


  • Hannah M. Strømmen



Revelation’s Whore of Babylon and the hybrid animal upon which she rides provide a female-beastly assemblage against which is constructed the good sovereignty of the Lamb. Derrida’s thinking of animality and sovereignty indicates how the human political realm carves out its sovereign position in relation to the category “animal” and in reliance on a “reason of the strongest.” It is demonstrated that Revelation’s construction of a good and innocent sovereign Lamb—via contrast with the Whore-and-Beast—collapses due to the complexities of the two rival animalities. The importance of such a reading lies in the necessity to destabilise facile connotations and connections between animals and an “other” beastliness that must be violently conquered.




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Strømmen, H. M. (2018). The Politics of the Beast: Rewiring Revelation 17. Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception, 7(1-2), 147–64.