Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

Special Issue: New Age and Neopagan Medievalisms

Guest editor: Karolyn Kinane

Table of Contents


Editorial: On the New Age and Reception History PDF


Intuiting the Past: New Age and Neopagan Medievalisms PDF
Karolyn Kinane 225–48
Planting by the Moon: Medieval Science and New Age Religion PDF
Rebecca Krug 249–64
Historiography and New Religious Movements: The Case of Modern Italian Witchcraft PDF
Federico Stella 265–83
Joan of Arc in New Age Spirituality PDF
Heather Kavan 285–305
“To be an Infidel or an Unbeliever...” Five Wise Men: Edmund Dulac, W. B. Yeats, and The Magi PDF
Jaimee K. Comstock-Skipp 307–28
Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen: Medieval, Pagan, Modern PDF
Carole M. Cusack 329–52
New Age, New Media: Kabbalah on the Web PDF
Marla Segol 353–79
From Propaganda to Product: The Arthurian Legend in Modern Tarot Decks PDF
Melissa Ridley Elmes 381–406

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Deane Galbraith 407–76
The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: A Critical Manifesto, by Stephen D. Moore and Yvonne Sherwood PDF
Deane Galbraith 409–14
Ritual, Caste, and Religion in Colonial South India, edited by Michael Bergunder, Heiko Frese, and Ulrike Schröder PDF
V. Rajesh 415–19
Romantic Dharma: The Emergence of Buddhism into Nineteenth-Century Europe, by Mark S. Lussier PDF
Michael Clasquin-Johnson 420–21
The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Biography, by Donald S. Lopez PDF
Michael Clasquin-Johnson 421–22
The Book of Genesis: A Biography, by Ronald Hendel PDF
Martin O'Kane 423–26
Becoming the People of the Talmud: Oral Torah as Written Tradition in Medieval Jewish Cultures, by Talya Fishman PDF
Piero Capelli 426–30
Handel’s Israelite Oratorio Libretti: Sacred Drama and Biblical Exegesis, by Deborah W. Rooke PDF
Jeremiah W. Cataldo 430–34
Psalms in the Early Modern World, edited by Linda P. Austern, Kari B. McBride, and David L. Orvis PDF
David W. Stowe 435–38
Reworking the Bible: The Literary Reception-History of Fourteen Biblical Stories, by Anthony C. Swindell PDF
Emma England 438–42
Politics, Religion and the Song of Songs in Seventeenth-Century England, by Elizabeth Clarke PDF
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer 442–49
Approaching Eden: Adam and Eve in Popular Culture, by Theresa Sanders PDF
Dan W. Clanton 449–53
Biblical Reception 1, edited by J. Cheryl Exum and David J.A. Clines PDF
Caroline Blyth 453–61
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide, edited by Marion A. Taylor PDF
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer 461–65
Contrasting Images of the Book of Revelation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Art: A Case Study in Visual Exegesis, by Natasha F.H. O’Hear PDF
Bradford A. Anderson 465–68
The Grotesque Body in Early Christian Discourse: Hell, Scatology, and Metamorphosis, by István Czachesz PDF
Robert J. Myles 469–73
God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse, by Slavoj Žižek and Boris Gunjević PDF
Roland Boer 473–76