Planting by the Moon: Medieval Science and New Age Religion


  • Rebecca Krug University of Minnesota



Planting, Moon, Medieval, New Age


The purpose of this essay is to distinguish between late medieval and New Age responses to astrology in the realm of gardening.  Medieval garden writers took a practical approach to gardening and understood astrological gardening as fundamentally true but less relevant than empirically observable aspects of seed germination and plant growth.  In contrast, New Age writers invest gardening with philosophical and spiritual significance, drawing on an understanding of astrology as ancient wisdom that can bring greater self-understanding.  New Age gardening is a practice engaged with the symbolic value of interaction with nature for the individual as a member of a community.




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Krug, R. (2013). Planting by the Moon: Medieval Science and New Age Religion. Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception, 3(2), 249–64.