Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


Beyond Christianity, the Bible, and the Text: Urgent Tasks and New Orientations for Reception History PDF


Rethinking Premodern Japanese Buddhist Texts: A Case Study of Prince Shōtoku’s "Sangyō-gisho" PDF
Mark Dennis 13-35
David and Jonathan between Athens and Jerusalem PDF
James E. Harding 37-92
Life of Brian or Life of Jesus? Uses of Critical Biblical Scholarship and Non-orthodox Views of Jesus in Monty Python’s Life of Brian PDF
James G. Crossley 93-114
Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, the Bible, and Docetic Masculinity PDF
Gitte Buch-Hansen 115-44


Reading the Bible Intelligently PDF
Philip R. Davies 145-64

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Deane Galbraith 165-225
Review of The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought, by Eric Nelson PDF
Andrew Crome 167-70
Review of In Scripture: The First Stories of Jewish Sexual Identities, by Lori Hope Lefkovitz PDF
Judith E. McKinlay 170-74
Review of Joshua in 3-D: A Commentary on Biblical Conquest and Manifest Destiny, by L. Daniel Hawk PDF
Roland Boer 174-76
Review of Kierkegaard and the Bible, edited by Lee C. Barrett and Jon Stewart PDF
George Pattison 177-81
Review of Postmodern Belief: American Literature and Religion since 1960, by Amy Hungerford PDF
Eric Repphun 181-88
Review of The Pope and Jesus of Nazareth: Christ, Scripture and the Church, edited by Adrian Pabst and Angus Paddison PDF
James G. Crossley 188-95
Review of Textes sacrés et culture profane: de la révélation à la création, edited by Mélanie Adda PDF
John F. A. Sawyer 195-98
Review of Subverting Scriptures: Critical Reflections on the Use of the Bible, edited by Beth Hawkins Benedix PDF
Michael Carden 198-204
Review of The Bible in/and Popular Culture: A Creative Encounter, edited by Philip Culbertson and Elaine M. Wainwright PDF
Robert J. Myles 204-8
Review of Marthe et Marie-Madeleine: Deux modèles de dévotion et d’acceuil chrétien, edited by Bruno Phalip, Céline Perol and Pascale Quincy-Lefebvre PDF
John F. A. Sawyer 208-10
Review of After Lives: A Guide to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, by John Casey PDF
Christopher Howard 210-14
Review of The Lure of the Dark Side: Satan and Western Demonology in Popular Culture, edited by Christopher Partridge and Eric Christianson PDF
Steve A. Wiggins 214-19
Review of The Qur'ān and Its Biblical Subtext, by Gabriel Said Reynolds PDF
Peter Matthews Wright 219-23
Review of Women, the Recited Qur'an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia, by Anne K. Rasmussen PDF
Zahraa McDonald 224-5