Vol 6, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Realizing Calvin's Radical Potential: Interpreting Jeremiah 48:10 during the English Revolution PDF
William John Lyons 1–18
Brexit Barrow: Real-Time Receptions of the Bible during a Summer of Political Chaos PDF
James G. Crossley 19–60

Review Essays

Land and Literature: The “Spiritual Resources” of Charles Brasch PDF
Mike Grimshaw 61–71

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Deane Galbraith 73–122
Religion in Hip Hop: Mapping the New Terrain in the US, edited by Monica R. Miller, Anthony B. Pinn, and Bernard "Bun B" Freeman PDF
Ibrahim Abraham 75–78
Art and Religion in the 21st Century, by Aaron Rosen PDF
Caroline Blyth 78–82
Anime, Religion and Spirituality: Profane and Sacred Worlds in Contemporary Japan, by Katharine Buljan and Carole M. Cusack PDF
Anton Karl Kozlovic 82–88
Between Text and Text: The Hermeneutics of Intertextuality in Ancient Cultures and Their Afterlife in Medieval and Modern Times, edited by Michaela Banks, Wayne Horowitz, Armin Lange PDF
Ryan Korstange 89–96
Exodus in the Jewish Experience: Echoes and Reverberations, edited by Pamela Barmash and W. David Nelson PDF
Daniel Maoz 97–101
The Jews and the Bible, by Jean-Christophe Attias PDF
William Hart Brown 101–4
Reception History and Biblical Studies: Theory and Practice, edited by Emma England and William John Lyons PDF
Amanda Dillon 105–11
Pilate and Jesus, by Giorgio Agamben PDF
Sarah Rollens 111–13
A Postcolonial Woman's Encounter with Moses and Miriam, by Angeline M. G. Song PDF
Jonathan Homrighausen 114–17
Joseph of Arimathea: A Study in Reception History, by William John Lyons PDF
Amanda Dillon 118–22