Vol 5, No 1 (2015)

Special Issue: “Pre-critical” Readers and Readings of the Bible

Table of Contents


Introduction: “Pre-critical” Readers and Readings: The Bible in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century PDF


Pyramid Codes, Playacting, and Veiled Israelite Histories: Pre-Critical Biblical Interpretation and Victorian Archaeology PDF
Kevin McGeough 7–30
The Influence of the Romantic Genius in Early Christian Studies PDF
Robyn Faith Walsh 31–60
Gospel Narratives, Miracles, and the ‘Critical’ Reader: The Eclipse of the Supernatural PDF
Jonathan C. P. Birch 61-93

Review Essays

Review Essay: What Have the Pythons Ever Done for Us? PDF
John Lyons 95–103

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Deane Galbraith 105–52
Text to Tradition: The Naiṣadhīyacarita and Literary Community in South Asia, by Deven M. Patel PDF
James F. Pierce 107-11
The Hebrew Bible in Fifteenth-Century Spain: Exegesis, Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, edited by Jonathan Decter and Arturo Prats PDF
Linda Zampol D'Ortia 111-14
The Nowhere Bible: Utopia, Dystopia, Science Fiction, by Frauke Uhlenbruch PDF
George Aichele 115-17
Illuminating Moses: A History of Reception from Exodus to the Renaissance, edited by Jane Beal PDF
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer 117–26
Nick Cave: A Study of Love, Death and Apocalypse PDF
Eric Repphun 126-35
Lamentations through the Centuries, by Paul M. Joyce and Diana Lipton PDF
Miriam Bier 135-39
Bibelrezeption in der Aufklärung, by Christoph Bultmann PDF
Dirk von der Horst 139-43
Contours of a Biblical Reception Theory: Studies in the Rezeptionsgeschichte of Romans 13.1-7, by Víctor Manuel Morales Vásquez PDF
Sean Winter 143-46
Engaging Early Christian History: Reading Acts in the Second Century, edited by Rubén R. Dupertuis and Todd Penner PDF
Christina Petterson 146-49
Nations and Nationalism in the Theology of Karl Barth, by Carys Moseley PDF
Murray A. Rae 150-52