Vol 1, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF


Breaking the Great Australian Silence: How Durkheim Finally Makes Room for Australian Indigenous Peoples’ Religious Life PDF
Marion Maddox 231-42
Durkheim, Troeltsch, and New Age Spirituality: Individualism Revisited PDF
Michael Hill 243-62
Durkheim on Original and Aboriginal Religion: Issues of Method PDF
Garry W. Trompf 263-82
Dharma, the Sacred, and Durkheim’s Definition of Religion PDF
Ivan Strenski 283-95
Hearing Round Corners: Nick Cave and the Philosophy of Music PDF
Roland Boer 297-327
Terminating Samson: the Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Rise of New Biblical Meaning PDF
Robert J. Myles 329-50

Review Essays

Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception PDF
Jonathan Roberts, Christopher Rowland 351-58
Biblicism, Reception History, and the Social Sciences PDF
Ibrahim Abraham 359-67

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Japanese Mythology: Hermeneutics on Scripture, by Jun’ichi Isomae, PDF
John A. Shultz 371-73
Colonizing the Realm of Words: The Transformation of Tamil Literature in Nineteenth-Century South India, by Sascha Ebeling PDF
Rick Weiss 373-76
Glory and Agony: Isaac’s Sacrifice and National Narrative, by Yael S. Feldman PDF
William Shepard 377-80
The Sword of Judith: Judith Studies Across the Disciplines, edited by Kevin R. Brine, Elena Ciletti, and Henrike Lähnemann PDF
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer 380-88
From Babylon to Eternity: The Exile Remembered and Constructed in Text and Tradition, by Bob Becking, Alex Cannegieter, Wilfred van de Poll, and Anne-Mareike Wetter PDF
Andrew Brown 388-93
Imagining Jewish Art: Encounters with the Masters in Chagall, Guston, and Kitaj, by Aaron Rosen PDF
Martin O'Kane 394-96
Adam’s Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins, by David N. Livingstone PDF
Gregory Dawes 396-99
The Social Universe of the English Bible: Scripture, Society, and Culture in Early Modern England, by Naomi Tadmor PDF
Nicky Hallett 400-403
The King James Bible after 400 Years: Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences, edited by Hannibal Hamlin and Norman W. Jones PDF
I. C. Hine 403-9
Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible, by Robert Alter PDF
Crawford Gribben 409-12
Bible: The Story of the King James Version, 1611-2011, by Gordon Campbell PDF
I. C. Hine 413-17
The Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years of the Most Influential English Translation, by Leland Ryken PDF
Deidre Good 417-20
Begat: The King James Bible and the English Language, by David Crystal PDF
James G. Crossley 420-23
Reel Revelations: Apocalypse and Film, edited by John Walliss and Lee Quinby PDF
Eric Repphun 424-31
Hell and its Afterlife: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Isabel Moreira and Margaret Toscano PDF
Alisa Hardy 431-38
Transforming Scriptures: African American Women Writers and the Bible, by Katherine Clay Bassard PDF
Lynn Huber 438-42