Zombie Bible: Stant Litore's Strangers in the Land and the Conditions of Bibleness

Christopher Meredith


Stant Litore’s Strangers in the Land represents a very canny fusion of apocalyptic zombie literature and the biblical story of Deborah from Judg 4–5. This article examines the way Litore redeploys the zombie sub-genre to put otherwise obscured aspects of the Judges story on full display.  Thinking through the Zombie in relation to the process of Kristevan abjection, the article also explores the ways in which the novel presents the so-called 'real' Bible as an already-zombified cultural phenomenon. Is the undead corpse a useful emblem through which we can explore the functioning of the social idea called 'The Bible' in all its gory detail?


Reception, Zombie, Judges, Deborah, Kristeva, colonial

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11157/rsrr4-1-607